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Is everything in The Electronic Boneyard broken or non working?

Yes, Everything on this site is sold for parts or repair only.

Can I sell broken things that are not electronics?

Yes. Use the Everything Else category when listing things that are not electronics.

What is the return policy when buying broken electronics?

Everything in the Electronic Boneyard is sold AS-IS for parts or repair only. Returns are only accepted if the seller intentionally misleads the buyer or the seller agrees to offer returns.

Is the Electronic Boneyard a safe marketplace to do business?

Yes. All buyers and sellers are verified by our staff to ensure our marketplace is safe and secure.

What are the fee's for buying and selling on The Electronic Boneyard?

Listing is always free. When your item sells we charge a 5% transaction fee for all sales.

Who processes the payments for transactions on The Electronic Boneyard?

The Electronic Boneyard only accepts Stripe for payment transactions. Stripe accepts debit and credit card payments and used by all the largest online companies.