Electronic Boneyard

Why Join Us

Low Selling Fees

Selling online should be affordable and worth the time and the hassle of listing and shipping. New listings are always free, and we only charge a 5% transaction fee when your broken junk sells.

Reduce eWaste

Most people throw away or donate their broken electronics. The problem is, these usually end up in landfills and are horrible for our environment. Sell your unwanted broken junk in the Boneyard and get paid instead.

Verified Users

Your online safety is our top priority, and we do everything possible to keep scammers out of the Boneyard. Our staff verifies all new users, and Stripe payment processing is required for any transaction. Feel free to buy and sell safely.

AS-IS Marketplace

In the Boneyard, all listings are broken or not working and offered AS-IS. For more straightforward transactions, return policies or warranties are not necessary and not required.

Who We Help

Our primary focus is to help people like you all over the world. Whether you have broken stuff to sell or you buy, fix, and flip broken electronics. We want to make it easy for you to make money and get rid of your broken junk.

Resellers & Flippers

Do you buy broken electronics to fix them for resale? We know it can be hard to find broken stuff that’s repairable and profitable. One of our goals is to give you constant access to the inventory you need to make money. You can search the Boneyard for active listings or create a Wanted Ad that will automatically match your requests to motivated sellers. Join us today to get started.

Electronic Consumers & Businesses

Did you know the general public doesn’t realize that their unwanted broken electronics are worth money? Most people donate them or toss them out, and many others have them lying around in their garages and closets. They have no idea they can sell them quickly for extra cash. Start using the Boneyard today to access buyers that need your broken stuff now.

Repair Shops, Technicians & DIY

Are you in the electronic repair business or enjoy fixing your broken electronics? Finding factory parts and repairable broken stuff can be a hassle. In the Boneyard, you can search active listings by “What’s Broken” and easily find what you need. Plus, you can always create a Wanted Ad if you’re looking for specific broken electronics. Sign up today and let us help you.

Our Mission

The goal is to get all the unwanted broken electronics listed online and available for sale. With your help, we can hit our goal of one million broken electronics available for sale online by 2023 and over ten million by 2025.

When we achieve our mission, we will be helping people everywhere earn extra money, and at the same time, keeping a ton of broken junk out of our landfills. Will you help us in our mission?